I Don’t Understand Girls Sometimes.


I mean, I am a girl and I don’t understand myself either. Lol. But I realize that girls say 1 thing, then do another thing after what they just said to someone else. Guys do that too, but I realize that girls do that more than guys. For example, one of my friends last night told me that going out to eat with a guy who’s married is wrong. I mean, just as long as his wife and my boyfriend knows that we’re just going out to eat as FRIENDS, and they know about it, I don’t see how that’s wrong. Don’t you? Well, this married guy told me that he sees me as a little sister/girlfriend to him as well. He even told me that he wished he could of gone to the movies with me and cuddle with me. But I told him that I think me and him cuddling is wrong, cause were both taken, and we’re both with someone who truly loves us, and we love them the same way back. He agreed with me and realize that we both need to realize that we can only see each other as friends.

And about me saying that girls say one thing then do another, well, my friend did that with me actually. Cause I remember her cousin telling her that this guy has liked her for a long time, and she I guess liked him before her current boyfriend now. And ever since they started talking again, and him coming back to town, she got mixed emotions. So my friend told me that some things are left to be unsaid. She was planning on telling my bf about me and this married guy, just because I said the word, “geez.” the reason why I said that was because I felt like she was all up in my case about it. Even though I somehow knew that she was just looking out for me. After I said that, she was starting to be a total bitch to me afterward. Saying, “don’t talk like that to me,” even though all I said was “geez.” So she would tell my bf about me and this married guy, but she won’t even tell her cousins bf about this other guy her cousin used to have mixed emotions with? More like 2 face or hibercirct right?

What do you guys think?




Tumblr Girls Need To Calm Down.


Ever since I have been a member on tumblr, I have seen a lot of lovesick, clingy, low self-esteem, think that they’re not good enough, think they’re not prettier enough, etc. girls on tumblr need to calm down, and get over themselves. I’m not going to lie or deny that I do reblog a few of love stuff, or like it. The reason why I reblog and like some of the love stuff is because I felt that way before ad well. I felt like I can’t be good enough for that guy, I felt like I’m not pretty enough, etc. but honestly, girls in general, and on tumblr should be thinking logically, and like this:

“I want to be better, so I should try to make an effort of that and stop caring what others think.”
“I know I have some confidence in me, so I should show that more than just letting my emotions get to me, and think negative most of the time.”
“I have a bf/gf who loves me just the way I am, and accepts my flaws. So why should I try to be someone else, or try to impress him/her?”
“Sometimes, you don’t always need a bf/gf to tell you you’re beautiful, you just need to look harder in the mirror to see how beautiful you really are, and try to make yourself beautiful by trying different styles, and see what style works best for you.”
“People come and go out of your life’s with or without a reason. But that doesn’t mean you did something wrong to make them go away. They’re just stubborn or stupid to realize how amazing you were, and wouldn’t accept it.”
“It’s hard when you get hurt/heartbroken by your bf/gf, but it doesn’t mean its the end of the world. It just shows that you gain confidence, and knows better next time.” (I don’t think that one made any sense what so ever. Lol).

As you have noticed by certain examples I have shown you, those are the things that girls should think on here, instead of posting emotional, lovesick, clingy, low self-esteem, etc type of posts. There is more to life than just love. I mean, yeah, love is beautiful and such, but anyone could have love in various ways without realizing it. I have a few issues myself with some of the things girls post on here that is true about me. But I noticed that more on tumblr, and what some of my close friends have told me stuff about me. Now since I notice these things, I need to overcome them. Which I am slowly every day since I started college. So, my advice to all of the girls on tumblr, or most girls on tumblr, you girls need to calm down about all of this stuff, and try to think logically. Which is actually kind of hard to do because of psychology. Ha, but yeah. Does anyone else agree?


Welcome To My Blog! ^_^


On my blog, you can feel free to be yourself and speak your mind whatever you like. Just as long as it doesn’t lead to arguments on my blog. If you know me from tumblr as wonderstruckworld, my blog would be similiar to that. But I’m planning on making my blog look even more better and fun then my tumblr blog. I’m also planning on making a counseling board/topic, just in case anyone wants to vent, talk to me and want advice. I’m still new to this thing, so I’m still fixing things a bit. In the meantime, I hope you’ll like my blog, and have fun with my blog. 😉


-Kat ❤

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